How to teach your child to swim


Any parent would want his kid could do everything, and better and earlier. I am no exception.

I decided to teach their children to swim.

not afraid of the water and feel confident in it – this is a very nice on vacation,

drowned and were able to help yourself and others in case of an emergency on the water.

When and how to teach a child to swim

Our experience

When we had the eldest son, I decided to learn to swim from the first month (in the bathroom), once we heal umbilical wound.

There were no special children’s laps for swimming, but I remembered well from his childhood transmission “Health”, in which babies are taught to swim in a bathtub on the back in the cap, to which was fastened the foam on the ear level. The principle of teaching was as follows: the child is the toughest place – the head, if the head does not sink – the whole body of the child from birth is able to independently retain water. The main thing is to keep water from falling into your face (eyes, nose and mouth of the child), he was terribly frightened. It was contended that the kids love to lie on the water and move their arms and legs in the hood, they gradually begin to swim in a bathtub. When the child gets used, was recommended to gradually reduce the amount of foam. So gradually the child should learn to swim.

To attach the foam to the cap, so that my son was comfortable to swim, did not succeed. To let him go to free swimming in a bath in the hood so I would not risk it. But the classes my child is definitely liked. 2 our months I decided to leave temporarily attempts to teach him to swim.

I began to pour some water in the bathroom, in the supine position, the person of the son did not sink in the water. We began to swim as the picture. The child loved it. Later, he learned to sit and no longer wanted to lie down in the bathroom, and preferred to play with toys while sitting.

After a year he got sick and some time not bathed, and when I decided to redeem – gave me a scandal. He never wanted to go into the bathroom and especially did not want in any to wash my hair. From this point about learning to swim had to forget. Swimming, sitting in the bathroom son agreed. But when you try to wash your hair, the child would have a terrible yell, when he learned to speak clearly, cried: “save! Somebody help me” and tried to escape. We even began to fear that this cry escaped neighbors, seldom tried to wash his head, chose to once again cut short. These relationships with water have lasted up to 4 years.

In 4 years we have decided to take the child to the sea. For the trip I decided to prepare. Would be a shame if he refuses to go in the sea. In addition, it was necessary to try to sunbathe and swim in open water – suddenly the child is ill ?

And my son and I first went to the city beach. In the water I decided not to drag. Son is very interested in such a large amount of water. First, he threw stones, and then began to build something at the very edge, then ventured out into the water knee-deep and began slapping at her legs.

Next time we had decided that we should try to go for a swim and took a circle, armbands and vest for swimming. It seemed to me that it’s best to swim to the son will be wearing a vest. But the vest did not like – he was unstable – my son kept changing the position of the body and the water was getting in your face – just that he didn’t like. He chose the circle: and you can swim, and face dry. From that moment my son started to swim slowly in a circle. City pond we visited 10 times, and then went to sea.

There the child quite bolder: he mastered the slides in water parks and even twisted in his lap swim mask with snorkel and explore the landscapes of the sea bottom near the coast, fish and shellfish. Gradually began to turn and shampooing. As we found out, my son did not like when water gets in the eyes (not soap and shampoo – they were children, without tears, namely water), I taught him how to tilt the head back and washed her in this position. So we stopped being afraid of water.

After a year in the summer we again went to the pond and then again – on the sea. On the shore quickly offered to teach a child to swim for 10 days, during the rest of the sea – the son asked to learn. A few classes we had time to visit. To swim the child, of course, not learned, but ceased to be afraid that water will get in your face. It is very useful goggles: to detain breath he quickly learned, and getting water in the eye also was afraid.

In winter, the child suddenly asked to record it in the pool, wanted to become the world champion in swimming. The season set in a group of children had already passed, had to record it in paid. We began walking to Penza Palace of water sports “Sura”. It has a children’s pool “frog”, in which water is heated, and classes are translated for parents on the big screen in the lobby of the pool.

Son liked that they’re shallow, the water is warm, the kids are wearing glasses, at the end of practice the coach allowed to play. When the child will learn to swim – it translate into a large pool.

We were transferred in six months. In the large pool son did not like: the water is cold, serious classes – to swim at least 50 meters without stopping and without being distracted and no games in the end. After a couple of months our son started complaining that he was tired in the pool. For order, we still waited for the end of the regular season.

Now the son does not go to the pool. But most importantly, he has learned to swim. May he not have mastered any style of navigation, learned how to breathe in water and will not become a world champion in swimming (sorry). But now he is not afraid of water, sailed with me far from the shore, never tired, knows how to relax in the water. I’m happy with the result.

And the conclusions I made the following:

Each child has their individual time, when he needs to learn to swim. Of course, I want this to happen early, before school. But if the child does not want or is afraid to learn to swim or even just to get in the water, it is better to wait than to teach him forcibly, through fear and terror.

The learning environment should be comfortable, the child should not be scary. Better to teach him in the presence of parents, the water should be warm, if you need – must be goggles. Any little thing can permanently discourage child the desire to learn.

Teaching your child to swim need a specialist – children coach.

Any quick ways baby doesn’t need. Slogans like: “to swim before she could walk” or “teach to swim for a week or 1 day” no good can lead. I have friends who tried to teach me how to swim extreme, but the quick way: explain the basic principles of diving, and then released into the pool into the deep, and left “you want to live – swim”, if it didn’t work – then pulled the trigger. These people do not learn in adult life afraid of the water, prefer sunbathing on the beach.

His younger son I was not taught to swim from the cradle. Tried to buy him swim ring on the neck, but he didn’t like that. At first, he also floundered lying in the bath, now sitting playing with toys. But we are not in a hurry, to swim, he will learn, because the experience we already have.