The Child is afraid of injections – child psychology


Serezha is now a month and a half sick with bronchitis. We drank 2 weeks flemoksin, like was held. After 3 weeks, “residual cough” again turned into bronchitis. Moreover, quite serious. The doctor prescribed to drink again AB – cephalexin in suspension. We drunk 2 weeks, but the result is almost there. The child has a severe cough, he has sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media and bronchitis. Just attack. And yesterday to the doctor. and she said that stronger need for speaking something. And was discharged to prick the pricks – Cefazolin.

Yesterday we started. a mockery of the child and mother at the same time!

I know how to inject injections and Kohl’s okay. But! Serge SOOOOO afraid of injections. as soon as I start to prepare the shot, he stands up against the wall booty, still covering her hands and starts screaming desperately, sncal quiet, then louder, sobbing, “Mom, stop it! Not! Not!. ” he does not lie and does not become booty to me a companion. you have to hold it. But the force of his already grown-up! Just a beast! you Have to keep very VERY much!!! As a result, 5 made shots we have several polatin on the skin of the back, neck, hands, as mom held him, and he struggled to extricate himself. And most importantly – I put him to bed, and stab. Then he can relax. When there is a cure, he’s hurt, of course, but it lies more or less. But the main thing is to put! My nerves even a minimum of 7 days this 3 times a day will not stand!

Moreover. I’m trying to low not seen it. And so how did I try to persuade him at first with kindness, to lie down, and then when Dylan begins there screaming and calling for help I have no much time rassurante, I take it, twisted his arms and legs, and an injection. Serge yells, he yells, mom pining.

Tonight put Vova in the bath (pour a little water), and she went for my shot. Until I persuaded him, and I screamed bloody murder, not even listening to me, Vova in some mysterious way got out of the bath (!!!! – this never happened before) and came to my brother to help with WOOOOT these tears in my eyes!

And because I agree with him whole day, that all will be well, that it is necessary that nothing be done that we should be patient and stuff. Wanted to call my neighbor masseuse. She’s a honey.worker. I think that will help me to hold him (dad we just went on a business trip). But she wasn’t home. Yes and mindful of drawing blood in vitro within half an hour, with strangers, and smimou only, and all together. All to no avail. At the end of the second hour Serge suddenly calmed down and relaxed and pricked him. Was almost painful. And he took blood. But was it worth TWO hours! so AB stabbing can not be there by the hour. And in the hospital to put it – because there will be even harder to crack. And getting bruises. And fear even more worse.

Today I tried to solve the problem, as invented in dentistry. With Sergei in dentistry, it rolled. There after treatment give gifts. We agreed that I buy him his favorite candy and let him, if he will behave himself well and will be on the shot. He agreed. But then came the evening. I began to prepare an injection I. started again. And Nickie admonitions, no amount of persuasion does not help. He yells: “Mom, I am VERY afraid! I OOOOOOEEEH boyyys!!!” And a companion does not itself rotate. Only with great force. Already banners left over on your skin.

Now I feel bad about that – it turns out I was torturing own child so! This is just a nightmare!

After he shot a little more painful. Within half an hour high he calms down and asks my forgiveness. And I from him. But with the new – it all starts again.