A Child is sick in the morning, possible causes


Nausea the child is a serious signal to parents that in the body of the baby is not okay. There are plenty of causes that provoke this symptom, as discussed above they often banal and harmless, but sometimes it can be a symptom of the terrible and dangerous pathological process:

1. Food intoxication (poisoning) – develops after eating in the evening substandard food containing a large amount of harmful components, including metabolic products of microorganisms, so-called exotoxins. If a child is sick and vomits, then he may develop dehydration, which happens to be more dangerous than the toxins of microorganisms. When the poisoning is usually to increase the body temperature and broken stools, diarrhea occurs, which further dehydrates the body.

2. Intestinal infection which is caused by the activity of harmful microbes (viruses, bacteria). Pathogenic microorganisms after penetration into the body of the child actively proliferate, striking the wall of the gastrointestinal tract and inhibit the activity of good and useful body of microbes. For intestinal infection characterized by the following symptoms: nausea in the morning, vomiting, fever, General weakness of the body, violation of the chair, shivering. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician, depending on the type of microorganisms causing the infection and the degree of dehydration. In bacterial infection, antibiotics help, from viruses no effective drugs, and severe dehydration requires intravenous fluids.

3. Infectious diseases that are not associated with the stomach and intestines . but violating its functionality. Morning sickness is the child in this case may be related to the pneumonia, flu, tonsillitis or sinusitis.

4.Diseases of the Central nervous system. Nausea in the morning and vomiting is one of the obvious symptoms of inflammation of the meninges (meningitis) or brain (encephalitis). Except for nausea, notes repeated vomiting, high body temperature, severe headaches and even seizures. This serious condition requires immediate hospitalization and intravenous drugs, as a rule of broad-spectrum antibiotics ( Cefotaxim ) and analgesics( Paracetamol ). To States of the nervous system also includes increased intracranial pressure, which is often a child is sick in the morning, headache, and uncontrollable vomiting occurs. The child becomes lethargic and inactive. Increased intracranial pressure may occur in connection with a head injury, inflammation, bleeding and swelling.

5. A brain tumor in a child – the first sign of the disease are considered headaches (mainly in the occipital region), accompanied by nausea, and vomiting that are observed after the morning or daytime sleep. In the initial stage of the disease, nausea the child is observed in the morning, 1 to 2 times per week. The symptoms increase as the progression of the disease. There are disturbances of vision, double vision, appears unstable gait and asymmetry in the movements of the body. Computed tomography of the brain with great accuracy can confirm or exclude this diagnosis. Treatment depends on the location, prevalence, and neglect of the disease. Typically, this surgery.

6. Surgical disease is a common disease, which is also noted nausea in the morning, is considered to be acute appendicitis. For this inflammatory process, striking appendage of the cecum of the large intestine, also characterized by vomiting, pain in the Central and right lower abdomen, fever. This pathology requires surgery, in some cases, you can do broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Besides the above-mentioned diseases or disorders, nausea may also occur for other reasons: dehydration, overeating, stress, psychological pressure, allergic reactions. The body of each child is special and has different reaction to these or other violations. Adult children are able to inform parents about their ailments, but when this symptom is observed in infants – here you need an individual approach. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the nausea the child is often accompanied by other severe symptoms that cannot be ignored.

How to help your child get rid of nausea

At occurrence of nausea in a child in the morning, parents should assess and act on the situation. If there are other distinct symptoms baby getting worse, then you need to call a doctor clinic or ambulance that will be able to conduct a proper examination, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, and if necessary, admission to hospital. To visit the doctor the child should be laid on its side, to prevent the ingress of vomit into the lungs, many severe drinking better tea with a spoon in small amounts, to prevent dehydration, bed rest.

If the child has nausea and vomiting is absent or appeared only once, in a satisfactory condition, then the doctor on call can wait. There are a number of medications used traditionally for the relief of nausea or bowel dysfunction, but we must remember that this is only a symptomatic treatment that does not take away the cause, and only facilitates the child’s condition. These drugs include “Reglan” and ” Ondansetron “, they improve intestinal motility, eliminate nausea and normalize digestion. Also efficiency have drugs ” Enterosgel “, ” Atoxyl “, “Rehydron” – used for poisoning or intestinal infections. In addition, when poisoning use “Activated carbon “”Smectite” and ” Linex “. Before taking any medicine, you should read the instructions or consult a doctor. Children of the above drugs are administered in accordance with the refund, body weight and other characteristics of the organism.

Gastric lavage, as is

If nausea is manifested often in the morning, parents need to seek help from the doctor – gastroenterologist, after which the collected complaints, inspection, appoint the necessary laboratory and instrumental examinations (CT, EEG), which will help identify the cause of sickness or send you to another specialist – a neurologist, infectious disease specialist, surgeon. Not always worth to self-medicate, it can be at best ineffective and often leads to the worsening of the condition or unnecessary complications.

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