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Unfortunately, our life is not predictable and sometimes that love goes, the family begins to disintegrate, and people break up.

Divorce is a very stressful time not only for children but also for both spouses.

In this situation, the child arrives in the constant stress, and this is regardless of the age of the child.

The only exception is when divorce has a positive effect is the care of the family of one of the parents, if the latter exhibits aggressive or inappropriate behavior in relation to the child.

In all other cases, a divorce is a serious psychological test, sometimes not even clear how a child can survive his parents ‘ divorce. In this question, now we will try to help you.

Divorce is inevitable, how to proceed?

So, unfortunately divorce can not be avoided. And the first question that will arise in a child: why is dad or mom doesn’t live here anymore?

And the answer must be given, otherwise the child’s soul will settle anxiety.

Children begin to worry, and suddenly both parents abandon me?

And suddenly it was all my fault, I was bad and not an obedient child?

And it all depends on the parents – they just need to keep calm and even relationships, even despite the fact that divorce often always associated with frustration, misunderstanding and resentment.

Adults should clearly understand, and puts total baby above his feelings and pride, although for each other were no longer close friends, but to your child they are always loved by mom and dad – the most expensive and favorite people in the world.

People who own little roads and its further destiny is not indifferent, will be able to maintain peaceful and friendly relations after divorce. After all, they still need to find a compromise, if I wish the kid luck and it’s mom and dad.

The main and fatal mistake in a divorce is to manipulate the emotions of the little man trying to pit him against one of the parents, to limit your contact with him and his family.

Of course, it is strictly forbidden to sorting out their relationship in the presence of a child.

For example, you decided on the phone to tell her friend all the details, should know that the kid sitting in the next room can hear and some details can be merely a shock.

Therefore, it is important to control your emotions and yourself, because it is from adults depends on the psychological state.

But the problem, as a child to survive his parents ‘ divorce is still relevant. It is necessary to proceed.

The time for serious conversation

Unfortunately, some parents, in their period of life, not choose the correct path – «hide your head in the sand”.

For example, mom says that dad is gone on a long trip to another city. Absolutely the wrong decision, because the time will come, and he discovers the truth. In this case, the credibility of your words and will be fundamentally undermined, will inspire a lot of uncertainty in the situation.

If the kid won’t hear a satisfactory answer to the question, an appropriate question and their conclusions – what if I cheat again and it is actually quite different.

Frank discussion should take place in any case. And best of all, the conversation was witnessed by both parents.

The main challenge in all ways to be able to maintain a sense of stability in the eyes of his child, the feeling of love and care of both parents.

A factitious gaiety and carelessness would be inappropriate. It is important to explain that, no need to worry, its still love, but mom and dad decided to live in different houses, but does not hurt them to see each other often with a favorite child.

Be sure to indicate on the fact that his guilt in the current situation, absolutely not!

Life after divorce

It is important to pay attention to the child in the first days after the adults went to different apartments.

Even with the proper and correct approach and preparation for divorce, the first time the child still remains in a stressed and anxious state.

Now often called “throws” parents ‘ questions about the incident, as he now will be to communicate with dad and mom that will change.

Important – do not get annoyed and don’t be mad at the kid, and calmly answer all the questions, even if they are repeated several times.

Remember, it is so very hard and difficult in this situation, do not add negative emotions.

Another point that parents should do after divorce is to strictly adhere to all agreements.

Don’t promise to come, or to see, ate know in advance that their word will not work. For missed appointments or transferring for important reasons on your part, definitely, try, warn the child and explain the reason.

Schedule appointments necessary due to the regime crumbs – not to break his usual routine.

The child must be able to time to sleep, eat and relax.

According to psychologists, more comfortable and safer to live with one parent than with two parents, but regularly experience discomfort, an aggressive attitude in his address.

However, the best and favorite is still your mommy and daddy, live happily together and walk in the Playground.

Remember that, especially in an excited or impulsive condition, don’t make the decisions, don’t let your child become a hostage to personal problems. He needs the support, care and love of two parents, but with money and expensive gifts to buy will not work.

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