Something to take the child on vacation: 5 ideas!


First semester (or second quarter) is finally over, the books resting on the shelf, and children… boring! They (and parents too) sooo waiting for this magical period when you can relax from school and damashek, but when the holidays came, I don’t know what to do. And therefore do stuff, unhealthy and sometimes dangerous: walking the courtyards, find Abdul Baha firecrackers, well, at best, sit at home watching TV or the computer, watching stupid cartoons (like Batman) or playing the same game.

Uh, no! So it will not work! Dangerous and unintelligent the winter holidays are not for us. So let’s find something to take the child on vacation!

The time together!

In the cycle of everyday life You regret what little time possible to give to Your kids? You’re right – because children quickly grow, so let’s right now to communicate with them, to play, to spend time together! Winter break is the right time. When it’s cold or damp, and I want to sit at home in warmth and comfort – it’s so good the whole family to come up with an exciting experience. If you are busy during the day – have a free evening. Leave the TV, Newspapers and household chores, the kids are more important!

Believe me, children are the most important – the time You spend in them. Take a break from worries, let us have a look at the house from the designer built the son of a good design painted daughter. Sincerely praise, smile, ask who lives in a house that is drawn in the figure.

And then… take the dice, markers and join us! Even twenty years if You didn’t paint or build! But try. At first, when You will start to throw soft toys or jumping around the apartment on a toy horse, it will seem slightly crazy, but after a couple of minutes You will appreciate this great pastime and you will taste! Because it’s great, I know from personal experience. Once you feel such gaiety and ease. Don’t be shy – polite on the carpet, invent ridiculous nonsense, sport vengeance! And You will love it, and kids will appreciate.

You can come up with a variety of activities to suit all ages and tastes, from cooperative games to see the same good Christmas movies, the main thing – together. Checkers, Board games and jigsaw puzzles, hide and seek and baking pies – choose your!

The pros are obvious: You will feel young and cheerful, will establish a bridge of understanding and trust between You and the children, which is very useful in the future.

To grandmother’s house

Well, if on Christmas vacation You work? To visit her grandmother in great to drive not only in summer but also in winter! The journey, though on the next street or to another city is always a fun adventure. Children will benefit from a change of environment, and grandparents are always happy to see grandchildren, and the parents get a little rest and devote time to each other.

If the school is on vacation “resting”, then all sorts of extracurricular mugs work! Here and there is finally time for the development of exciting activities. Even in small towns there are different clubs such as model aircraft and ship modeling, beading and soft toys, quilling and dancing, painting and sports. To walk in the circle and to learn something interesting and beautiful is much better than hanging out on the street or sit Vkontakte, do You agree? And if, during school hours there was not time, on vacation – just a great moment to try to find something. If the child doesn’t like Your proposed circle do not insist, let him decide and try for himself. It is likely, he will find a useful hobby that can then become a life-work.

What’s the weather like? Snowy or foggy? Anyway, let’s go outside!

What is there to do? For example, to run together with the children safe salute. So they decided not to try for yourself. Yes, and my dad’s reputation will grow – cool boomed.

If You have snow – great! The whole family sledding! Build a snowman, build a snow Fort, and then have a snow battle with snowballs!

And, you can go to the skating rink, ski run in winter Park or the woods with a camera…

Even if the weather is not winter, you can get to the city center and stroll along the main street, decorated with Christmas lights. And even, for example, in a theater! New year performances for children – an impressive sight. I still remember how beautiful the ballet “the Nutcracker” looked at 12. Oh, what was that colorful, enchanting lighting, what gorgeous costumes! Give the kiddies and myself was a great experience – and the holidays will be not tedious pastime, and the bright, exciting, educational and inspiring!

And about learning not forget!

Well, in a festive whirlwind of impressions not to lose acquired in the first half of knowledge, a little bit… producivity during the holidays. No, you don’t need to read textbooks and do homework! But in some classes the children issue “Winter notebooks” with fun activities that help you improve your knowledge and at the same time not to forget during the holidays some of what I learned. If a little bit to do on this notebook, then after the holidays will not be an abrupt transition from rest to class, will be easier to get into a training rut.

If notebooks like this are not available, choose up job in the form of a game! Count the lights on a Christmas tree, to talk about the signs of winter, to read the signs on the shops of main street. Be creative! And let after reading this article You get inspired by ideas that offer many other options than to take the child on vacation!