One Thousand Tips – Useful tips for parents


Nowadays children get parents already late and the majority of people are consciously on the birth of a child. Especially when you decide on a second and third child. Young parents often do not comprehend the importance of the child in the family how to raise him, how to live with it, once family life is changing. Young parents are constantly busy, the child and often prevents them from becoming an irritant. Children are sent to retired grandmothers . to rest. And children need not only noses to wipe, and their need to love and teach your-life examples. Good parents…. It’s probably those who raised good children. Good kids…. Perhaps it is those children who learned in childhood to adult life skills and are now able to live independently, be happy and take care of their children and elderly parents. All wanting their children to be the best, be happy and confident in myself, but it is often not enough time and terpane on their children.

Probably none of the parents does not ask the question of why child given the child years? Childhood given to the child to learn how to live, and he learns to live by playing and developing in the family and society. It’s like in nature, any animal or bird the cubs move into adult life when you learn to fly and get their own food when they learn how to hunt. That’s when they become adults, they learned and are ready to feed themselves. While the baby cannot feed itself, it remains with the parents, and then, learning to live independently, to forage and to resist the enemies, goes to an independent life.

As a person, what it means to learn to live? Children play, walk, look at family relationships and thereby learn about the world and learn to live. Arrange games, with dolls based on observations, in the family and outside. Psychologists believe that through play children and possess the skills to solve all of life’s questions independently. Life puts in front of the child and the man many tasks that parents also should teach their children, and we are constantly dismiss children: leave me alone, let me shut up. What will your child learn?

First of all, we must learn to resolve issues associated with the man himself. This, for example, to start to do exercises, brush your teeth, you force yourself to quit Smoking , to decide whether to marry this man, as not to repeat the mistakes made in the life of bugs and many others. In life you have to solve and tasks aimed at interaction with other people, it’s inevitable. It all starts in kindergarten and then in school and at work. As with any task set tasks in life have a solution and outcome as ordinary arithmetic. The result is that people are waiting for solutions to this problem, but the solution is those actions in life and the ways in which a person reaches the desired.

Here parents and teach children to achieve what he wants, to make the necessary efforts to do this, to overcome difficulties and make the right decisions and most importantly to understand how feasible it is desirable, but many want God knows what, and often not putting this much effort. Here these children and develops in adolescence, it comes to about 14-15 years old. Here and got the answer — good parents are those who will try to create the child life conditions for the development of methods for solving problems set by life.

For this, first of all you should not keep children in a “cage”, they have expanded the space, they should see life, such as it, is, with all its charms and flaws, and sometimes cruelty. Don’t need to isolate them from real-life situations and realities. Children should be able to rejoice, worry and worry. Then the children will have a desire for something to strive for and to want something. But we often enclosing children from family problems or problems in society, on the grounds that it did not need to know he is still small. And because you can explain the available for read language any situation in life. The kids always show interest to all unknown and new, parents should encourage this interest to the surrounding world. This will help the child to navigate and find what they want. And of course the duty of parents to meet the nutritional needs of children, not too coddling them.

To teach children to realistically assess the possible need to teach them to know what is possible and what is not. If something is impossible, this should never be allowed, and this should not depend on the mood of the parents, and should be supported by all adult family members, laws bans for kids should be adhered to.

In children it is necessary to clearly define the boundaries between their desires and feelings and desires and feelings of all adults, the people around them. There should be clear boundaries between past and present, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between fantasy and reality. This will allow the child to be ready for real life situations.

Children always need to give the right of choice and if the choice was wrong, let the child feel the inevitability of cost. Let your child understand when trying to choose what to do, for example, to lie to your parents or not. The child needs to understand that for everything in life you have to pay and pay not only money in the store, and consequences that are often not pleasant. Here the child will then decide whether to cheat?

Children need to understand that as adults, to achieve them have, themselves, there are no mom, no dad. So do not rush to fulfill their desires and whims, and to assist if your child ask. To help the child need only recourse and is very careful not to try hard to please.

Adults are always in a hurry, so rather than wait until the child wants to put the laces, we’ll do it ourselves. It’s faster. And how he will live into adulthood? His “tying shoelaces” and for him to decide questions of life, if the decision will cause him difficulty? The child needs to understand that to reach and achieve what he wants in life he will own.

Psychologists give good advice, maybe he’s as old as the world, but he doesn’t listen to parents. If you want children to be happy, understand you, understand your child by yourself. Here if you will not depend on the opinions of others and will think and make decisions regardless of what people say, then children will be more relaxed and independent. If the parents can build their lives and say that we are happy, then the children will be. We conclude – good parents is happy parents and happy children.

If the kids are ready for adult life, ready to build her nest, build relationships and to pay for the mistakes made in the life of an error, it means that they were good parents.