Harmful computer games for kids


The harm of computer games for the child. On this subject written many articles, with a warning about their negative impact on the child’s psyche. I want to break this tradition and to put the question in a slightly different perspective. So harmful computer games for children or not?

Children from the age of three, watching their parents spend hours sitting in front of the computer, and they begin to show interest in him. Parents, in turn, having read all sorts of negative articles, trying to delay the moment of meeting their children with the virtual world. But is it really that wise? Helpful or harmful computer games for children, especially younger age?

Actually, the computer that appeared in our life recently, has not yet managed to overcome in our minds some prejudice. Like everything new, it raises concerns. First phones, cars, cinema and other products of technological progress is also caused distrust people, but now it is difficult for us to imagine life without them. Not to be unfounded, let’s look at the computer children’s games in more detail.

The developers are working on the creation of educational games for all ages, including for children from three to seven years. The smallest are encouraged to make the right choice between fruits and vegetables, pick up a house for the animals, to analyze what subject would be superfluous and choose the correct option to recognize colors flying and non-flying objects, find the shadow, to define the sound of animals and musical instruments, etc. Such computer games for kids to develop logical thinking, imagination, observation, hearing, concentration and helps to remember the names of objects and colors. Some games contribute to the study of mathematics, grammar, and even foreign languages.

For older children, the developers offer a wider selection of games with high difficulty levels. These can be puzzles where children are improving in observation, learn to compare the size of the objects, their color and shape. Or quest the game is to find and use different things. Lots of colorful games offer to find the differences between pictures. Here, too, will need perseverance, attention to detail and analytical thinking.

The so-called “dress”, will create the image of the doll or the little animals at the sole discretion of children. For this menu, there are different hairstyles, dresses and jewelry. Choosing one or another option, the child forms the taste and satisfies the craving for diversity.

Offers a broad selection of computer games as “simulation”. For example – this may be the building of the farm, where the player needs to monitor closely the development of events – the growth of crops, machinery operation, timely irrigation, harvesting and selling crops, elimination of consequences of bad weather. Timely action will help to score more points. Another option is – the care of animals who need time to feed, walk and take care of their health. By its nature this is a very positive computer games.

These uncomplicated games like “arkanoid” is also able to benefit. They develop reaction, logical thinking, fine motor movements.

All these areas are computer games for children are designed to develop the reaction, observation, patience, sense of responsibility, ability to make the right decisions, and to show ingenuity and resourcefulness.

So whether it is harmful for children computer games?

You say that all of these skills are quite affordable to get and without a computer. After all, when they were not, the children also developed successfully. Yes, but we are moving into a future where we have more knowledge and most amazing innovations. So should we abandon progress in favor of legacy attachments?

Paints the picture of a torn and quickly bored, numerous broken toys and clutter up the apartment, not to mention the money spent. But this does not mean that they need to give up entirely. Just with the advent of such assistant as a computer, you do not need to buy educational toys in such quantity as before.

Why children do not get bored with computer games? Yes, because they are made in bright colours, pleasant driving dynamics and all this in the soundtrack of various songs. These games remind kids cartoons where they are the Directors. Oh and cartoons are loved by all children.

Moreover, the developers of computer games take into account the fact that the time of the children at the computer should be regulated. That’s why most games are constructed so that the passage of each level, the child will spend quite a bit of time.

I want to reflect another important point in favor of computer games. Children, during gameplay, learn the computer. And they, as you know, in comparison with adults, learning new things much faster, especially during the game. Agree that in the age of technical progress ignorance of computer technology will look a bit strange. It’s all the same, if the child does not know how to use the phone. But we want to develop a new generation competent in all respects.

But, despite all the positive moments, we have to make and a spoon to tar. That educational process is not turned into an absorbent, we should not forget about some rules and remind the harm of computer games for children.

First of all, you cannot let this process take its course and let the child spend using the computer too much time. Otherwise for the child’s mind there is a danger of confusion of the concepts of real and virtual. Accustomed that in the virtual world there is no pain, death, and you can always restart and play a resurrected hero again, the child will lose a sense of fear and danger, and this in turn can lead to aggression and disobedience. Because in the game he’s always the hero and the conqueror, whom no one can tell.

There is a saying: “Everything is good in moderation”. Computer games will benefit only when you are able to adjust the order of the day for the child. It is not only, kindergarten, school, lessons, computer. It’s also about communicating with parents, walking with friends in the fresh air, reading books, taking care of Pets, as well as cultural groups or sports clubs. Life children should be multi-faceted, then it will be interesting.