Why the child is crying?


Children – flowers of life, but when these little fidgets begin loudly to weep and wail for the whole house, is not watching and jokes. Most moms strongly frightened, panicky start looking for the cause of crying, but she is only one and is quite understandable.

Through this expression the kid simply communicates with adults and the world, because he is not yet able to speak, what can he do? Of course, feeding at least these signals, which, in his opinion, always accurately hit the target.

Unfortunately, there is no universal advice that would help to instantly recognize what is now the baby wants and how to behave properly in this situation.

However, the opinions that say that the baby in this way develops the lungs and builds character, erroneous. Indeed, in these cases also suggest that you do not pay attention or even to shout at him, saying, he will calm down.

Such education and behavior is absolutely wrong and incorrect, which may not only lead to the desired results, but also hurt the already delicate psyche of the child, because he will begin to form the opinion that the world is unsafe, unfriendly, and he’s out there all alone.

Besides a long and strong cries can still, and lead to the formation of an umbilical hernia.

It turns out that is not so easy to find out why the child is crying, because the reasons are actually a considerable amount, on all of which the baby responds with a wild cry. How to help him? What to do?

It is not enough, that’s probably not sleeping half of the house and his poor parents, but most importantly, he does harm to himself, completely not understanding this.

There is a perception that children cry longer and more frequently in those mothers who instantly try to respond to his signal, and those who wait at least 10 seconds, children screaming as much, but quickly calm down.

Medical confirmation of this fact exists, and how to behave to solve only the mother herself. So, let’s try to parse the most common causes, and that in such cases to do.

It is possible that not all of them will be obtained, however, any mother will easily distinguish all the tone and the verge of crying your baby, easy realizing that you need in this situation to do.

The reasons for baby crying

The most frequent and widespread phenomenon, which causes babies to cry, the feeling of hunger or the urge to take my mother’s Breasts. Such a cry you quickly and successfully learn to recognize, because it differs persistent and even demanding nature, can be intermittent. And you will not believe, but in these intervals between regular voice calls, baby monitors your behavior, did you, are you going to do what he urges you. And, of course, if he does not observe, draw conclusions and starts to cry again. Usually in search of food, the child begins to cry for no earlier than 2 hours after the last feeding, however, quite possible exceptions to the rule. What to do? Naturally, to satisfy the hunger of the child, regardless of what it is not according to the mode.

“I want to sleep!” Most of the crying has pretty intermittent, accompanied by sobs and resentful hints of patriciana. Such moments also easy to recognize, they often begin to manifest after a long period of wakefulness, nervous overstimulation (e.g., after prolonged contact with other people or find annoying in the environment). Young children are very rarely able to fall asleep on her own, so they require special ritual that usually happens at home: a wiggle in her arms, singing a lullaby or reading fairy tales. At this time, the child can tenderly on the head, the tone of voice should be pleasant and relaxing.

Sometimes a baby crying due to the fact that experiencing discomfort in the diaper or on the sheet on which it lies. Some children absolutely do not respond to what they have below the belt became Motrenko or the diaper was a little heavier, but the vast majority are pretty negative attitude to this fact. Wet diapers are starting to irritate delicate skin, the baby starts to whine and to be bent, it may even be a hiccup. Dressing up the baby in all dry and clean, and then, covering him warmly, loving mother will see her baby quickly calms down and returns to a blissful state of mind.

The child may also cry if he is cold or, on the contrary, is very hot. It’s also quite simple to define: cry is intermittent, somewhat mournful character. If the baby is cold, it can start to hiccup, quickly move the arms and legs. If you feel baby, you may notice that he has cold hands and feet, but do not rush to coddle the child, it is possible that the body has not had time to freeze. Therefore, in order not to overheat it, just put on his mittens and socks, put in warm room, if you are on the street. In the case of overheating may not have a fever, the face is red, and the kid begins to throw the handle in different directions. In this case, the child should undress and wipe with a damp towel.

If the child cries in his sleep, most likely, it is disturbed intestinal colic, they cause abdominal pain, the baby is not sleeping. In this case, you can do light massage of the tummy, put on the tummy a heating pad or a folded pressed diaper. Can also help tea with fennel or special drops that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Also intestinal colic dill water helps, you can try to wear your baby in an upright position. Most often suffer colic first children, boys are more prone to this trouble than the girls.

“We want the pens!”. When a baby cries bitter tears hard to hold back, mom is taking him to handle, pulls me to him and, lo and behold, the baby calms down. Forget about the rules of parenting, take the baby in his arms as much as he needs, he needs to feel protected and desired. In the first six months of a child’s life it is impossible to spoil your undue attention, but confident in the maternal protection of children, grow much more calm and balanced. And don’t forget, the longer the baby went into hysterics, the harder it will be to calm.

It also happens that the child starts crying during feeding by a breast or a pacifier. It is possible that the child has started teething, so the feeding process causes him some discomfort.

How can parents respond to a baby crying?

You need to react as quickly as possible, taking him in his arms and hugged her. If it doesn’t help to try to breastfeed if the baby recently eaten, then you can try to divert his attention with a bright toy, rattle or any other subject. Don’t forget that at home my mom he calms down quickly.