How to get rid of bad habits


Bad habits are called harmful that harmful to our happiness and the happiness of our loved ones. So today the material on how to get rid of destructive addictions that prevent us from living happily.

Offer: three ways of liberation from any addiction, getting rid of any bad habits . These are three techniques that work effectively in their proper use.

Of course, everyone helps. If you’ve already tried a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted behavior, but they did not help, I’d be happy if you finally find «» method among my proposed here.

Applying these methods, you can break free from addiction to alcohol, Smoking, overeating, gambling. This may also include and dependence on social networks, the habit of nail biting.

And yet, this material will help to discuss these unpleasant qualities of character as irritability, anger — instantaneous, uncontrolled negative reaction to any stimulus.

How to get rid of bad habits?!

you need a good specialist and 10 minutes of time.

NLP — the trend in modern psychology and psychotherapy, which is based on modeling (copying) verbal and non-verbal behavior of people who have achieved success in any field.

In order to help a person get rid of a bad habit you want to incorporate into the human psyche model of human thinking which has no bad habits.

This is one of the most effective ways through which nicotine dependence freed dozens of people that I know personally. But the desire to put in your mouth next the cookies disappeared forever more good dozen people, right before my eyes on the trainings in NLP.

NLP technique called «Wave», it allows you psychologically deep to study the so-called trigger — the reaction of the organism that triggers the desire to smoke, eat, drink alcohol, etc.

The basis of this method is the well-known teachings of Pavlov on conditioned reflexes. In the psyche of the person is unconscious motivation is the desire to smoke or drink, and in response to it instantly triggered a reaction — man reaching for smokes or booze.

Now thanks to technology «sway», the trigger triggers the reaction leveled, would simply disappear.

Thus, a person can get rid of the addiction without willpower for ten minutes. But it is necessary that you work in an efficient and professional NLP specialist, preferably a practitioner of NLP-trainer, which you want to find in your city.

Moreover, the efficiency of the equipment increases significantly if before executing «sway» NLP specialist will work with you from a positive intention bad habits and secondary benefits of the habit. (I recommend reading about it in the material : a Positive intention negative behavior )

If this moment is missed (and unfortunately, many NLP trainers it really is missed), instead of, for example, Smoking can come other addiction, is also harmful.

Identify the positive intention and secondary benefits is necessary for understanding the underlying causes and motives of the bad habits. This allows you to find harmless replacement dependencies and effectively get rid of bad habits.

strength from a gap pattern.

The essence of Cimoron in changing habitual behavior on a brand new unconventional and absurd, which entails a profound transformation of the individual.

Your Simoron can help get rid of bad habits to another person or to be free from addiction. This is due to the rupture of the template.

How to help another person?

As an example, I can cite an episode from the movie “Black lightning”, where the hero Mikhail Efremov drunkard drunkard sees in the sky a flying machine. He is shocked – gap template, he refuses to drink and begins to lead a healthy lifestyle, Jogging.

The same can be applied in life. For example, if the wife badly wants her husband to quit drinking or Smoking: it is necessary to commit the act out of the ordinary, shocking with the Intent to persuade her husband to give up the addiction. If the gap pattern occurs, and the desired result will happen.

My friends using this here to break the template was able to stop the nightly drunken battles with the neighbors. They simply dressed up in fancy outfits and talked with alcoholics on behalf of Higher powers. The impression was able to produce, the result was achieved!

How to quit Smoking or get rid of other habits with the help of Cimoron?

For any Intent realized you need to perform the Actions, but rather to invest the necessary amount of Energy.

In Cimorene operation, which takes energy, seemingly not connected with the very intention. The more complex in implementation intention, the more slogami in the execution needs to be action.

For example, we will assume that the intention to quit Smoking is very difficult to implement the intention. So you need to make a funny, absurd action, but also quite difficult to implement, and to reject their own habitual patterns of behavior.

For example, you need to approach twenty cops and give each a pack of cigarettes with the words: «Voluntarily surrendered their right to smoke, I confess violated the rules of healthy movement».

This should be done with the intention to quit Smoking. If a person is difficult to commit such acts but still commit them, in his psyche and in his thinking processes, transforming all of his usual patterns of behavior.

As a result, people can quit Smoking or other addictions, and generally any human desire can be fulfilled, for Simoron — it’s magic. (More here: solving complex problems: simoronskogo techniques of practical magic )

instead of bad habits — the energy of love.

This is a very gentle way to break free from any addiction. Reiki — a system of healing through energy, which is owned by Reiki healers.

I devoted myself to Reiki, I have the second stage. I now spend sessions Reiki energy to get rid of dependence. Spend these sessions remotely via Skype.

The need to smoke and drink decreases immediately, but in order to get rid of the habit you need more time, and regular sessions for a month or more.

Reiki — the energy of love, which fills man, freeing him from the harmful addiction.

Besides, I like people owning and NLP, all in front of the Reiki sessions I spend the conversation to identify the positive intention and secondary benefits.

And of course, awareness and understanding of the true causes and motives of the bad habits can accelerate the result.

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