Picture – children building a snowman


Back to the drawings from the series “Preparing for the competitions of drawings on the theme of Winter fun children.”

Pictures about winter fun incorporated into any kindergarten program in the fine arts, and the elementary school is in the same situation. It is worth to realize that complex topics involving compositions with movement and interaction of the characters. And this despite the fact that the idea of the arrangement of figures on the horizon and the laws of perspective briefly explain and impossible to understand for kids, and even about the structure of the human figure they know that the “oval “. However, drawing contests on the winter theme are held regularly, need to participate.

Means are prepared.

Today, sculpt a snowman.

Student drawings of children usually, rising to her full height, easily wheeled in front of a huge snow balls. Or again standing pole adorn the face of tall snowman carrot

This winter, walking around the city everywhere I looked for snowmen – they are few. And the few short-lived Somehow, with whom I briefly met, were NOT entirely: not wearing buckets on your head, without the carrots, had no caries-looking teeth from the embers, were not equipped with brooms.

I want to say that the popular image of the snowman has long since lost relevance. Current snowmen decorated a minimalist . And very few of them. Snowmen are hard to sculpt – heavy Packed snow, and even just to roll snow balls very hard.

But we NEED pictures about the children, which mould a snowman. So-so. This subject is the human figure.

As they make this snowman? Look on the Internet – many children are on their knees. Of course – yard snowmen usually low people.

Choose the picture and build the diagram of the figure of the child:

2C350″ /%

The girl is kneeling with her back to us. But if I had to turn her to face us, her snowman would have obscured. So so on. The pose is not very complicated: back straight, head slightly tilted. She stands on her knees and, note, the knees are not close ,left forward. The feet are at a right angle to the leg –of course shoes something hard, the toe does not draw it. Both arms bent at the elbows and stretched forward. The palm of the gloves is pressed against the snowman. What will be asked to draw learners ‘ attention – the child is dressed for the winter and looks impressive. Arms and legs in overalls rather massive. Has a hood, he folds lies on the neck and shoulders.

2C294″ /%

Girl sculpts snowman

Next we see another figure – the child is gaining in prigoni snow. He’s standing on bent legs and leaning heavily stretches his arms to the ground.

2C267″ /%

Leaning person children usually draw in the shape of the letter G. And when I say that you need to take care of equilibrium, and that the center of gravity of the figure is approximately the area of the solar plexus, and the perpendicular drawn from it must pass between the feet, the children all this words listen to how the Chinese language. Of course, to really understand it, you have to wonder. If complex topics have to walk(run) force and eglosheim stream of difficult and uninteresting subjects, it is likely that the idea of balance ,not backed up by a dozen other sketches FROM NATURE ,is unlikely to resonate.

2C250″ /%

Figure children building a snowman

But painting competitions on the theme of winter fun children has not been canceled, prepare further. By the way,here’s another version of this pose -kneeling:

2C278″ /%

How to draw children building a snowman 2

Here’s a picture of a girl almost crouching, holding a small lump of snow.

2C300″ /%

Note that this magnitude this ball for her, perhaps heavy. For photos of the tibia of a child hidden in deep snow, but we will draw them. The figure turned to the viewer in three-quarters. Body bent, his left leg in a perspective and considerably reduced.

2C333″ /%

Figure -girl sculpts snowman

I will say – it’s hard. Yes. It is difficult, and so all life is a difficult thing. Simple and easy options are few.

By the way, look at this girl is ridiculous: folds! When bending on the clothing folds are formed. Usually on the elbows. the knees, under the arms on the hips. This in the most predictable option.