Gift for a Golden wedding: parents from loving children


So, your parents have been together for 50 years. This is not just a round number, but a real holiday, which should be celebrated on a Grand scale, after all, go hand in hand for half a century is no easy task. Only love and sincere feelings is able to hold two people nearby. Best gift for a Golden wedding, the presence at the table children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren — and then your parents with confidence can tell that these 50 years have paid off.

The magnificent celebration of the Golden wedding anniversary due to the fact that half a century is a kind of border crossing through which you enter into a new phase of life, the beginning of the next half a century. Flowers, gifts, greetings — just like in wedding day, when your parents were as young as you are. On this day, all the attention should be drawn to the anniversaries, and the presence of children at the festival, one of the main conditions. According to tradition, on their Golden wedding it is customary to give the product of this precious metal.

Why wedding “Golden”?

Gold is a precious metal with such properties as ductility and durability. These properties are reflected in the 50-year anniversary. Malleability — the ability to adjust your character under the character of the second half, knowing when to concede. Without this quality to live for so many years would be impossible. Well, the durability is clear and without words to go in one direction for half a century can not all.

How did it happen that after jade, diamond and ruby wedding goes gold? Really lived together for 50 years are valued less than 40 year anniversary, because gold is cheaper than the above gems. It’s not the price, or rather not quite in the price.

From time immemorial, gold has been valued people above all else, and that’s about sapphires, rubies and diamonds, people learned later.

Traditions Golden wedding

Any other anniversary have so many traditions and rituals, as with the Golden wedding. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that is celebrated on this date are extremely rare, so the scale of the event should be epic. It contains all of the ceremonies, traditional wedding, though in slightly modified form. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary always turns into a very moving and unforgettable sight.

The rite of strewing gold

This tradition for several hundred years. In the ritual shower newlyweds with rice and coins lies the wish for prosperity, love and a comfortable life. Half a century later, showering Golden anniversaries, we would wish to extend what has been said by guests 50 years ago. Bestow the couple, when they enter the hall or sitting at the table.

Update wedding rings

This duty usually assume children anniversaries. Rings with ancient times was the personification of marriage, symbolizing the cyclical nature and the fullness of human life. Years passed, and your parents have aged, changed hands, and the ring lost its luster, so the wedding “just married” again exchange rings. The old ring is usually passed to children or grandchildren, “happiness”.

The young dance and the bouquet toss

Like the first time, the couple perform a dance in a circle of close friends. Music usually chosen is the same that your young, in love parents played their first married dance. Guests light candles and form a circle, in which dancing anniversaries. After that, the wife throws the wedding bouquet.

If the bouquet will catch an unmarried girl to be forthcoming marriage, and if married, her life in marriage will be long and happy.

Festive feast

This traditional ceremony is held at the end of the evening. Only after performing this rite can be removed from the table. What is it?

Parents sit at the table, after guests and drink a Cup of tea. This is a joint tea party symbolizes the unity of the spouses in the house.

The traditional gifts for a Golden wedding

As mentioned above, the traditional gifts for a Golden wedding is considered to be the products of this precious metal.

Golden shawl

Not everyone knows that the eldest child must present a special gift to parents on wedding anniversary — Golden shawl. This scarf, the patterns on which are embroidered with gold thread, usually cover the shoulders and head of the mother. Today we depart from this tradition and is increasingly replaced his factory with lurex shawls.

Gifts of gold

Naturally, can not do without gold. Range of products from this metal is so broad that it is sometimes difficult to determine the choice. If you want to be original, choose gifts and Souvenirs. Not to buy things that would be useful on the farm. Believe me, the couple has accumulated enough utensils for half a century, and gold pan would look extremely ridiculous.

Gifts for parents on their Golden wedding?

Children, like everyone else, have an obligation to give parents the most valuable gifts. These people join the knot 50 years ago, gave you life, and therefore deserve the best.


If the children decided not to give parents a gold ring, can be replaced with a trip to the Spa for two. It will be a sort of honeymoon, which will allow your parents to be alone and remember the best years of their lives.

Family portrait

Another original gift can be a family portrait in a gilded frame. Try to gather all the relatives together and you will see how happy your parents. Because for half a century, children have time to grow, to get their families and perhaps to disperse around the world. Together it turns out not so often. Now imagine how your parents will be pleased every day to see the happy faces of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren smiling at them from the wall.

Alternatively, a family portrait can be enjoyed at the design Studio of a large poster, decorated in an appropriate style. The advantage of the poster that you can write interesting facts and important dates from the life of parents

The “gold” album

In addition, cause a lot of positive emotions may donated a photo album that holds a memory of the best years. On first pages must be photos of your young parents, perhaps their wedding photos. Then photos of all children, beginning with their childhood and ending with the birth of grandchildren photos. Next are pictures of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Believe me, this gift is like no other will please your parents and for them would be the Golden truth!

Gift for parents wedding anniversary can be anything. Importantly, to reflect your love and gratitude. Love of children is the best gift and Souvenirs, is able to constantly remind parents about how expensive they are invaluable. They say that “it is not the present, and expensive attention” — appreciate your parents, as long as they live, you will be their a young child and no matter how old you are.

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